Manade, a quite story

Between the parisian shop and the factory in Sarthe

A French company, Manade has been actively participating in the history of office space design since 1972. Following the success of its eponymous collection of accessories, Manade has extended its expertise in the key areas of workstation ergonomics, with the well being of people in the office as a guideline. All our products are designed in our Research Department and assembled in our factory. Manade is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Our industrial anchoring comes in support of our commercial action, based on the quality and the reliability of our products and on the respect of our commitments.

manade presentatation

Hard and soft skills

A production tool at the service of innovation

Thanks to its subsidiary SD PRODUCTION , MANADE has been able over the years to set up an efficient industrial policy to serve its objectives. Innovation is at the heart of the company's development strategy: products are designed in our research department, in collaboration with external designers and in consultation with our marketing and sales teams who analyse needs in the field. All our products are assembled in our workshops. We also have a powder coating line, 2 wallpapering workshops and a cutting workshop for fabrics and felt. Manade has been ISO 9001 certified since 2012 and ISO 14001 certified since 2015.

A process of continuous improvement

Above all else, Manade draws its strength from a set of strong values that are shared with its employees and partners which punctuate the daily activity. Relying on people and their know-how: encourage creativity, team cohesion and multidisciplinary work. Seeking out excellence: be close to customers and be attentive to their needs and expectations, in order to improve and develop the products of tomorrow. Honouring one’s commitments: guarantee product quality and respect delivery deadlines. Having a presence in the field: provide consultancy and a local service through a network of partners in France and abroad, in close connection with our commercial teams.

Ecodesign, at the heart of the strategy

Sustainable design

Manade designs products that are made to last, reliable and robust, while anticipating their end of life. Manade uses eco-responsible materials and favors a design based on separable components for optimum recyclability. Manade joins the eco-organizations VALDELIA for the collection of end-of-life furniture and RECYLUM for the collection of used lamps.

Encourage good practices

Making the user an actor of change means giving them the means to adopt the right actions: saving energy by choosing a lamp with a presence detector, limiting waste by sorting it into suitable containers for recovery


Wood Workshop

Thanks to its production site SD PRODUCTION, MANADE has been able to develop an ambitious industrial policy to serve its objectives. All Manade products are assembled in SD PRODUCTION workshops.

Sewing & steel Workshop

All the fabrics we use have an environnmental label, our MDF is PEFC certified, made of 30% recycled material. Melamine foam is Oekotex certified A class for air quality.

Paint Workshop

Our coatings are solvent free and heavy metal free, according the the ROHs requi-rements. The powder which does not adhere to the piece is not wasted but immediately reintro-duced in the painting process.

Felt Workshop

PET felt is certified Oekotex, it made of 50% recycled plastic bottles.

Aluminium & Steel Workshop

Aluminium and Steel it made of 47% recycled material.

Colours and textures

A refined selection

As the borders between working and living environments are becoming even more porous, office spaces are starting to look and feel like home, inspiring creativity, stimulating performance and contributing to enhanced individual and collective well being.